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We are Discover the Blu,
Join us on a journey into the depths of our world.

The Centre

Wildlife Observation Center

Calling out all curious of you who ever wondered what it could be like to observe dolphins and other marine creatures in their own habitat, while respecting the limit between wildlife and humans. And if you would like to, why not take part in our Marine Biology Research for their preservation as well ?

The Centre

PADI Dive Center

SCUBA diving with an emphasise on marine research for conservation. Wether you would like to complete your PADI certification or if you would like to step further into marine biology research, you are all welcome to our PADI 5 star Dive Center. And if you dare, discover the first ever underwater lecture in the Maltese Islands.

The Centre

Research Workshop Center

Get ready for an unparalleled opportunity! At Discover the Blu, we are dedicated to maximizing every moment, particularly when it involves forging profound connections with our planet's awe-inspiring marine ecosystems. Our scientific workshops, led by passionate marine biologists from the Heal the Blu foundation, present an exceptional chance for individuals of all backgrounds to delve into the enthralling realm of marine biology research.

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Who we are

From becoming a recognized PADI 5 star Dive Center to being one of the first marine wildlife observation centers in Malta, Discover the Blu seeks to raise appreciation for the ocean’s wonders and encourage collective effort towards more sustainable tourism in its country. Through extraordinary travel experiences, Discover the Blu unravels the challenges facing our oceans for everyone to understand. We nurture a sense of responsibility for preservation and commit to revealing to the world the beauty of its depths.


Marine Biologists.


SCUBA Diving courses available.


People Reached.

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