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PADI Dive Center

Welcome to the first-ever guided underwater marine science classes in Malta. Embark on an unparalleled SCUBA diving adventure at our exploration center, where the thrill of exploration converges with marine biology research and conservation initiatives.

Immerse yourself in a unique experience where customers will have the chance to earn recognized PADI certifications, while actively participating in groundbreaking research and data collection.

Away from the lecture halls, learn about the underwater world while exploring the reefs of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea using underwater communication kits alongside marine biologist researchers. Our center is dedicated to eco-friendly practices and marine conservation efforts, ensuring a sustainable and enriching diving experience while offering marine biology and research courses.

Join us for a distinctive blend of adventure, education, and certification, contributing to the preservation of Malta's marine ecosystems.

What is included in our pricing:

  • All diving equipment, including dive computers
  • PADI e-learning components
  • Certification costs
  • Transport from and to the dive sites from the dive center

What our prices include:

– 1 Dive: 60€

– 2 Dives: 95€

– 4 Dives: 185€

2 Dives: 130€

– 1 Dive: 70€

– 2 Dives: 110€

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