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PADI Aware Dive
Against Debris


Every dive can help cleanse the sea. Our Dive Against Debris Specialty Course at Discover the Blu in Malta invites you into a hands-on marine conservation experience. With each dive, you’ll contribute to the cleanliness of our seas and protect the biodiversity of Malta’s stunning underwater landscapes.

The Dive Against Debris Specialty course combines theoretical knowledge, practical diving, and active participation in ocean cleanup:

  1. Knowledge Development: Dive into the online modules and learn about the impacts of marine debris, specific data gathering techniques, and how data contributes to policy change and waste management.
  2. Skills Practice: Enhance your underwater navigation, object lifting techniques, and safety procedures under the watchful eyes of our PADI-certified instructors, ensuring your diving and data collection activities are conducted responsibly.
  3. Dive Against Debris: Put your training into action, locating and removing marine debris and recording essential data about your findings. Each dive you make will directly contribute to cleaner seas and healthier marine ecosystems.


At Discover the Blu, we believe in proactive diving, where each dive is a step toward healthier oceans. As part of the global Dive Against Debris initiative, you’ll have a chance to make real changes and contribute to global conservation efforts.

Join us in diving with a purpose, and transform your passion for the ocean into tangible action with the Dive Against Debris Specialty Course at Discover the Blu. Make every dive count for a cleaner, healthier ocean!

Course Structure: One Dive

Price: 200€ 

Minimum Age: 10

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