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PADI Aware


Transform your understanding of the ocean, whether underwater or on land. Join the PADI AWARE Specialty Course at Discover the Blu in Malta that can be delivered completely dry or as a dive experience. Deepen your ecological awareness and contribute directly to maritime conservation.

Our uniquely tailored AWARE Specialty Course serves as a combination of engaging learning and active conservation:

  1. Land-Based & Underwater Education: With our flexible course structure, you can opt for either a practical underwater experience or a completely dry, land-based program. Both paths involve comprehensive exploration of marine life identification, habitat conservation, risks to marine environments, and your role in protecting these precious ecosystems.
  2. Skills Training: For those opting for the underwater path, our PADI-certified professionals will guide you in the art of non-invasive interaction with marine life. For those opting for the land-based variant, engaging workshops bring the maritime world to life, offering insight into marine conservation and various land-based initiatives you can partake in.
  3. Direct Conservation Efforts: Be it underwater, participating in reef clean-ups, or on land, organizing awareness campaigns, everyone actively contributes to actual conservation efforts in their own way.

At Discover the Blu we uphold the belief that one does not need to get wet to make waves in ocean protection. As an AWARE certified individual, you champion the cause of marine conservation either as a diver or an informed advocate on land.

Dive or stay dry – but either way, make a difference with the PADI AWARE Specialty Course at Discover the Blu

Course Structure: 1 Dry Day

Price: 105€ 

Minimum Age: 18

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