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Advanced Open Water

Ready to take your diving journey to the next level? Explore Malta’s deeper wrecks and reefs, and experience nocturnal life in the blue by torchlight with Discover the Blu’s PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Our PADI Advanced Open Water Course is tailored to make you a more proficient diver through a blend of specialized knowledge development, practical skills training, and exciting new diving opportunities:


  1. Advanced Theory Development: PADI’s e-learning modules will take you further into the principles and practices of advanced diving, covering in-depth topics like deep diving, underwater navigation, and specialties based on your interest.


  1. Specialized Skill Training: Experience the practical applications of advanced diving in a controlled environment, building upon what you’ve learned in the Open Water course.


  1. Adventure Dives: Push your limits and explore what it means to be an Advanced Open Water Diver. Choose from a list of thrilling Adventure Dives such as Wreck Diving, Night Diving, and Underwater Photography – all under the expert guidance of our PADI-certified instructors.

The Advanced Open Water course at Discover the Blu is as much about advancing your diving skills as it is about enhancing our underwater conservation efforts. Take advantage of our unique Underwater Naturalist adventure dive, where using cutting-edge communication kits, our in-house instructor will guide you through the flora and fauna you encounter on your dive. 


Course Structure:

– 5 dives

– Can be completed over two days if three dives are done in one day and

two dives are done on the other day.

– Alternatively, it can be completed over three days if two dives are done

each day.

to develop still


Price: From 380€


* Please select an Option: *

– Basic Advanced Open Water 380€

– Enhanced Advanced Open Water Diver with additional research dives. 430€


Age Requirement:

– Diver certification Divers 10-11 can earn a Junior Adventure Diver

certification. Upon turning 12, they can complete the deep dive and earn

a Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

– Divers between the age of 12-14 earn a Junior Advanced Open Water

– 15+ can go 30m.

Contact us if you want us to build you a custom Advanced Open Water Diver package.

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