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Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation.

Unleash the young adventurer within the BubbleMaker Course at Discover the Blu in Malta. Designed for curious kids aged 8 and above, this course sparks a lifelong love for the ocean, fosters respect for marine life, and introduces a fun way to experience the excitement of diving.

The BubbleMaker Course is an exciting combination of learning, practicing, and of course, bubble-making:

  1. Kid-Friendly Introduction: Our seasoned instructors will provide a friendly briefing on the essential do’s and dont’s, equipment basics, and safety precautions. The aim is to get our young divers comfortable and excited about their underwater adventure.
  2. Shallow Water Practice: The real fun begins in our training pool, where little divers will try out their diving gear under the direct supervision of PADI professionals. They’ll learn simple skills like clearing a mask and using a regulator all while making a lot of bubbles!
  3. BubbleMaking Extravaganza: Jump into a supervised diving session in a swimming pool, limited to a depth of 2 meters, providing a safe environment for our young divers to explore, swim around, and of course, create loads of bubbles!
  4. Ocean Awareness: Alongside diving fun, we introduce children to the basics of marine conservation, instilling early respect for our underwater world. It’s about growing up as responsible divers and ocean caretakers.


At Discover the Blu, the BubbleMaker Course isn’t just about diving; it’s about creating young ocean lovers who value and respect the underwater world around them.

Make memories, make bubbles, and take the first step to being a young hero of the seas with the BubbleMaker Course at Discover the Blu. It’s time your child discovered their ‘sea legs’ in the safest, most enjoyable way possible!

Minimum Age Requirement: 8

Depth Limit: 8m

Price: 70€

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