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Scuba Diving

Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation.

Take your first breaths underwater with Discover the Blu. 

  1. Brief Introduction: Start with a short session covering basic scuba principles, safety guidelines, and an understanding of the equipment, ensuring you feel confident and at ease about your dive.
  2. Skills Practice: Move from theory to practice in the safety of a controlled environment. Sam, our in-house instructor will guide you through important skills such as regulator usage, basic dive signals, and buoyancy control techniques.
  3. Open Water Dive (optional): Under close supervision, you’ll explore Malta’s stunning coastal waters, experiencing first-hand the exhilaration of breathing underwater and the beautiful marine life flourishing beneath the waves.
  4. Introduction to Marine Conservation (optional) : We believe every dive should contribute to ocean health. As part of your first diving experience, you’ll learn about Malta’s unique marine ecosystem and our role in its conservation.
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