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Seal Team

Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation.

Fuel your child’s fascination with the underwater world! Engage them in the PADI Seal Team at Discover the Blu in Malta, where your young ones age 8 and above embark on exciting ‘AquaMissions,’ learning diving skills while having a whole lot of fun!

Our Seal Team program is a perfect mixture of learning and underwater exploration:

1. Diving Basics For Kids: Our seasoned PADI Instructors will guide young Seal Team members through the basics of scuba diving. Seal Team participants will learn about

breathing underwater, water pressure, adapting to scuba diving gear, and safe diving practices – all in a controlled environment.

2. Exciting AquaMissions: The heart of becoming a PADI Seal includes taking on AquaMissions that introduce underwater skills and environmental topics in an enjoyable, interactive way. These missions include learning how to float effortlessly, exploring mock underwater wrecks, and witnessing underwater photography.

3. Building Confidence: Each mission boosts your child’s confidence, helps them become comfortable in the water, and fosters a lifelong love for the aquatic world.

4. Conservation Awareness: At Discover the Blu, we believe in nurturing young conservationists. We integrate lessons about respecting marine life and preserving the underwater world, fostering responsible attitudes towards our oceans.

With Discover the Blu’s PADI Seal Team program, there is more to diving than meets the eye. As young divers journey through engaging missions, they grasp valuable life skills, learn to love the ocean and grow into potential future guardians of the sea.

Give your child the gift of extraordinary adventures underwater. Enroll them in the PADI Seal Team at Discover the Blu, sparking a love for diving and conservation that can last a lifetime!

Minimum Age Requirement: 8 Limit: Confined Water Only Price: –

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