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Deep Diver

DEEP DIVERPADI Deep Diver Specialty Course at Discover the Blu – Plunge into Malta’s Mysteries Below

Transcend boundaries and discover what lies beneath with Discover the Blu’s PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course in Malta. Expand your diving skills and delve into the depths of shadow and silence, all while strengthening your understanding of Malta’s unique undersea ecosystems. Our Deep Diver Specialty Course is designed to guide you smoothly into deeper waters:


  1. Deep Diver Theory: Embark on a fascinating online journey uncovering the specifics of deep diving – deep dive planning, equipment considerations, buddy contact procedures, and safety drills, all to elevate your diving confidence and expertise.
  2. Skills and Technique Enhancement: Under the careful guidance of our experienced instructors, practice the essential skills unique to the deep. Navigate, communicate, and manage your air supply more effectively as you prepare for the thrill of the deep.
  3. Embarking on Deep Dives: As the final exciting portion, you’ll dive deep into the Mediterranean’s blue, conducting four open water dives under the close supervision of our instructors. Here, you’ll experience firsthand the mesmerizing beauty that lies beneath Malta’s waves.
  4. Focus on Conservation: While you’re exploring the deep sea, you’ll also learn about the critical role each diver plays in preserving the undersea environment, including the unique ecosystems of Malta’s deep underwater world.


At Discover the Blu, the Deep Diver Specialty Course isn’t just about diving; it’s about exploring responsibly while carrying a spirit of conservation. Embrace the challenge of the deep but never lose sight of your role as a steward to our beloved seas.

Uncover the hidden beauty of Malta’s underwater depths and take your dive skills to new levels with the PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course at Discover the Blu. Join us, and dive into a world beyond limits!”

Course Structure:

– • 4 Open Dives Over 2 Days


– From 260€

Age Requirements:

– 15

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