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Oxygen Provider

EMERGENCY OXYGEN PROVIDER DIVERPADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course at Discover the Blu – Become a Lifesaver in Malta’s Waters

Be prepared. Be responsive. Be a lifesaver. With Discover the Blu’s PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course in Malta, you’ll be armed with the vital knowledge and skills to administer emergency oxygen during diving emergencies, making diving safer for you and those around you.

Our Emergency Oxygen Provider Course is your ticket to becoming a more confident diver:

  1. Crucial Learning: Through our interactive online course, explore the medical aspects of dive injuries and the role oxygen plays in the emergency management of these cases. Learn to identify diving illnesses treatable with emergency oxygen and safety considerations when using oxygen.
  2. Skills Practice: Hands-on training forms the heart of this course. Our certified instructors will guide you through the steps for recognizing diving illnesses requiring oxygen, setting up equipment, and deploying emergency oxygen delivery systems.
  3. Scenario-Based Learning: Put your newfound knowledge and skills to the test as you participate in simulated dive emergency scenarios. Here, you’ll get to practice and fine-tune your response to potential real-world occurrences.
  4. Awareness & Responsibility: Alongside the technical training, we emphasize understanding the importance of timely aid in preserving life and lessening the severity of injuries until professional medical care can be sought.


Diving with Discover the Blu means diving with a safety-first mindset. Our PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course empowers you to step up during a diving emergency, significantly enhancing your confidence as a diver and a reliable buddy.

Equip yourself to make a difference when it matters most with the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course at Discover the Blu. Transform your diving journey into a safe and responsible adventure.”


Course Structure:

-Half Day Dry (no dives required) 


Price: – From 115€

Age Requirements:

– None

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