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Peak Performance Buoyancy

PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY SPECIALITYPADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course at Discover the Blu – Glide effortlessly through Malta’s Verde Blue

To dive is to experience freedom; to dive with exceptional buoyancy is to elevate that freedom to an art form. Our PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course at Discover the Blu in Malta equips you to move underwater with fluidity, precision, and minimal environmental impact. The journey to peak performance buoyancy transpires through a series of engaging steps:

  1. Buoyancy Essentials: Harness the theory behind achieving perfect buoyancy. Using our interactive e-learning tools, you’ll understand the principles of buoyancy, weight positioning, and how smooth breathing contributes to your ability to hover effortlessly.
  2. Practical Skill Enhancement: Practice adjusting buoyancy underwater in a controlled environment, experimenting with different weight positioning and mastering efficient kicking styles. Here, our PADI-certified instructors will provide valuable pointers to help you refine your techniques.
  3. In-Depth Fun Dives: It’s time to put your skills to test in Malta’s captivating seas, experiencing the fresh thrill of a controlled, effortless dive. These practical dives will give you ample opportunities to fine-tune your newly acquired buoyancy skills.
  4. Conservation Focus: Be a low-impact diver. During your course, emphasis is given to the importance of excellent buoyancy skills in preserving marine life and protecting sea beds from accidental and avoidable damage.


At Discover the Blu, our Peak Performance Buoyancy Course is as much about diving better as it is about diving responsibly. As you master your buoyancy, you also become a safer, more respectful diver, doing your part to preserve our oceans and the stunning marine life within.

Start your journey to effortless underwater exploration and become a guardian of the sea with the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course at Discover the Blu.

Course Structure:

– • 2 Open Water Dive


– From 200€

Age Requirements:

– 10

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