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Our Work with Heal the Blu


Aboard our specialised wildlife tour vessel, you will have the opportunity to help the researchers in the construction of a long-term database aiming at understanding the population of dolphins in the Maltese Islands. In addition to behaviour analysis, hydrophone technology, and photo identification in collaboration with the researchers of Heal the Blu, we are proud to announce the incorporation of drone technology to observe and document dolphin group dynamics in a non-intrusive manner. This groundbreaking method, a first in Malta, allows us to capture a bird’s-eye view, providing valuable insights into the social structures and interactions among these captivating marine species while minimising our ecological footprint. This pioneering approach and concerted initiatives mark a significant stride towards advancing our understanding of dolphin populations in the Maltese Islands. Join us on this meaningful journey, where your involvement goes beyond observation, contributing to the broader goal of safeguarding the delicate balance of our natural world.


Discover the Blu collaborates seamlessly with Heal the Blu, to conduct in-depth underwater surveys dedicated to monitoring the endangered species populations in the Maltese Islands, each project focusing on a precise marine species and its corresponding habitat. In 2024, utilising advanced methodologies, including quadrats, transects, and pioneer 3D reef models using GoPro footage, we meticulously assess the reported decline in sea urchin populations. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to conservation, pooling expertise, and resources to gather essential data for preserving the marine biodiversity of the Maltese Islands. These surveys provide invaluable insights that contribute to informed conservation strategies, promoting a sustainable approach to safeguarding the distinctive marine life in this region.

The NudiBANK ™

Discover the Blu proudly introduces a pioneering citizen science project, a first in Malta, dedicated to evaluating the population and diversity of nudibranchs in the Maltese Islands. Engage with marine research by becoming a contributor—snorkelers and divers are encouraged to capture nudibranch images during their underwater adventures. No reservations are required; share your sightings, including depth, date, and time, to actively participate in this innovative initiative. Elevate your marine exploration experience by collecting vibrant stickers of the spotted nudibranch species, showcased in an engaging format, and build your exclusive “NudiBank.” Join us in this exciting and educational endeavour to collectively document and celebrate the captivating world of nudibranchs in the Maltese seas.

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